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Project Touch, Inc. is an outreach of Fountain of Life Community Development Center, Inc., a faith-based community organization and was founded by Dr. Sherron Parrish.  Project Touch is now in the process of opening its first of many group homes (New Lighthouse) which has a special interest in at risk girls who have been charged with juvenile delinquency.  The program is set out to provide much needed human and social support to youth that will enhance self esteem and reduce recidivism by reducing antisocial propensities.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe haven for at risk children and youth of the community who have been separated from their families for various reasons.


Our vision is to fulfill the promise to provide complete support in confidence, reliability, and with trustworthy expertise and information.  To collaborate with other entities to make services available to a wider audience.  To network and partner with a pool of professional consultants for specific services, back-up in report development, presentation and other areas that we can afford to contract without risking the core values provided to the children.


This program is designed to offer services to youth who are at risk of abuse, neglect or abandonment and other social problems; and to foster re-unification of families in a timely manner as often as possible.





3131 SW 21 Street,

Fort Lauderdale,

Florida 33312


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